I won't lie, I've always kind of envied people who make their own bread and pizza. It just seemed so hard and my mentality was "it's for the professionals"

Until I made my own pizza dough last night! That makes me one of the professionals right? Yes, I thought so too 😉

I was so proud of myself, I had to drag my brother from the living room just so he could take multiple pictures of my handling the dough. I literally stopped what I was doing until he came to the kitchen with my phone, ready to capture all my "impromptu" moves

Does anyone else do that? 

Anyway, for those of you keeping tabs, it's my little sisters turn to cook the midweek dinner. She decided to go simple with homemade pizza and potato wedges. You know I just realised I have two sisters, who are both younger than me. How confusing is it every time I say "my little sister"? I bet you're all thinking, "which one Luchi?"

Fret not, I've got you covered! (Do people still say fret not? I think I'm old). So, I have two younger sisters but one is older than the other. Obviously. The older one is called Prinny and the younger one is called Gee. The nicknames make sense, in my head. But trust me, they really do 😊

So, it's Gee's turn to make the midweek dinner today. We ate good!! 

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week and I'm taking ideas on sha I should make when it's my turn. Comment below please 

PS. I made soft pretzels and salted caramel for dessert (I might share my experience on that it you ask nicely 😉)

Until next week,
Cuddle Fairy