Easter is coming!

As most of you know, I have a stall at my local Saturday market. And I've been asked, by the manager, to host a cookie craft session for the local girl guides group at the Easter market

Which brings us to the topic of my sleepless nights for the past 2 days now... I'm not sure if you guys know this yet, but I like to plan. For everything. Literally... My little sister's prom is in July and I've been planning since last year, I'm almost freaking out about that but that's besides the point right now

And here's my problem, I've never done a cookie decorating session before so:

1. I'm not sure how many cookies I'll need per child/ in total
2. Buttercream or royal icing and how much would I need? Which would be better to make ahead of time? Will royal icing even still flow if it's made the night before?
3. How many different colours of icing do I need... This is where my brain decided it didn't know what colours are associated with Easter
4. How many girls can decorate per hour?
5. How much do people charge for cookie crafts though?

I think I'll just stop with the list now because I'm getting worked up typing it all out. I have so many questions and I need your help. Can anyone who has answers or knows where I can find some please leave a comment below?

Any help would be much appreciated

P.S. I have tried searching on Google but no one seems to give me specifics. They just say, "Easter is a good time to get the kids involved. Give them some cookies and let their imaginations run wild" 😵😩

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