Pre-Breakfast Week

Hi guys!

Is everyone still recovering from the holidays? No? Just me then...

I can't explain it but my body just refuses to get back in the swing of things. My eating is still off & my workout routine is laughable! Someone, please help me out here. Pretty please

So, I decided I'd test recipes out this week for what I planned to make for 'Breakfast Week' next week. I'm not sure how well it went. You decide...

I had 2 major set backs:
Hence the lack of pictures today. Again. Sorry guys, I'll try to be better 

Anyway, on to more exciting news, my sister's birthday is next Friday (22nd)! So expect a cake post during the weekend, after I've done my 'Breakfast Week' post 

Enjoy the rest of your week. And don't forget to leave your comments below and share the post with your friends & family. Till next week :-)