New Year, New You...


How was your Christmas celebrations? I know I ate my body weight in baked treats and I still have my Cinnamon-Sugar Cake to devour.... Don't judge me

Anyway, I know it's that time of the year where the catchphrase on peoples lips is "New Year, New Me". So, I've decided to share 2 of my resolutions with you guys:

1. Challenge myself with every cake order i get- I'm going to try and improve my cake decorating skills. Basically, I want to revamp the image of BB's  Pantry

2. Participate in the #FoodYearLinkUp- the plan is to follow the food blogger's calender and post at least once a month on food related national days

Wish me luck... or something

Anyway, here are a few pictures of what I've been up to over the holiday :)

A birthday cake for a lovely 6 year old. Can you tell she's a massive fan of My Little Pony? Bless her
 Another birthday cake. Client turned 26 :)
 Cinnamon rolls. These were so easy to make so I got a little bit carried away & forgot to take a good picture. Forgive me
 Finally, the very first cake of 2016!! And you shall be called 'Cake #1'
Thank you guys for an amazing 2015 I'm looking forward to your comments & shares this year ;)

Don't forget to send me any ideas of treats you'd like to see me make