Cleanses And Diets

Hi guys!

I've been down with a cold since Sunday so I didn't bake/cook anything new this week :-(

Anyway, I thought I should still try & put a post up (you know, being constant & all that)... So, I just wanted to ask you guys something

Do you have any new year's resolution? Are any of you going on a cleanse diet?

Tbh, I've been seeing a lot of people posting on social media of their cleanse diets & all sorts. I'm particularly tempted by the soup diet, not gonna lie.

Never thought I'd see the day where the idea of solid food just makes me want to throw up! This cold is just vile & has become my personal 'Food Blocker'. I'm not enjoying it at all. Can you tell?

I'm still recovering so this post will be shorter than usual. Don't roger to comment your resolutions and any diets/cleanses you might be doing to recover from the Christmas break

Also, you can keep in touch via FB, Instagram and Twitter

See you all next week :-)