Christmas Week

It's Christmas eve!!

It's been hectic since the last time I posted and I thought I'd quickly just update you guys with what I've been making before the whole freight train of Christmas & new year kicks off for me

First, I made a "No Baby Shower" cake. A friend of mine wanted to throw her friend a surprise baby shower but she specifically said she didn't want one. So what's a girl to do do to show that you're thinking of her? You get her a cake, of course! So yeah, that happened

Then, I made a surprise birthday cake for this amazing woman called Jane Bellis. Who has inspired a lot of us in the fashion industry. She's such an amazing person, I can't say it enough! And I was so delighted to make her a birthday cake. Did I mention the cake & cupcakes are vegan? They are! And they're soooooo good!! Made me feel like I had been missing out all this time hahaha!

And finally, my brother had to go have his birthday in that same week! Two days later, no less... But I made it work! Tried my first ever arty-type cake with inspiration from the one and only Katherine Sabbath (if you don't know about her, please Google her & change your life!) .... Yes, it's that serious. Haha.

Well, that's all of it right there. I'm off to start my plans for Christmas cooking and baking like a mad person. I probably won't be able to post till after the new year celebrations, but I will try my best for you lovely people

Have a great Christmas and enjoy your new year :-)

P.S. leave me a comment of the meals you're most looking forward to this holiday

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