Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

As promised, here's the second post of the week

My brother's friend ordered cupcakes and she wanted them Minnie mouse inspired. She ordered 24 cupcakes. So, naturally, I had to search for a bow mould to fit 24. Which wasn't easy but I found one! Thank God for Amazon :-)

I made my favourite red velvet cupcakes recipe and a trial vanilla cupcakes recipe, which turned out great

I think the decorating of the cupcakes was the hardest bit for me. I'm not used to trying to be so delicate with things & being careful of where things should go but I think I did good. What do you guys think?

On a different note, I'm about to leave the house to go to my Christmas light switch on market. I made some Christmas flavoured cupcakes: sticky toffee, Christmas spice & gingerbread. Also having a Christmas hamper raffle... Good times

If you would like to know what I put in the Christmas hamper, check out the Twitter page @bbspantry or just leave a comment here and I'll get back to you as soon as possible
Here are some pictures to carry you through the weekend

Have a great weekend guys!!

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