Good News...

As I casually munch on last nights Singapore fried rice for breakfast, as you do, I suddenly realised its been two weeks since my last post


I'm sorry guys. I promise to be better, God willing :)

So I have exciting news I want to  share with you. We'll be having our first market stall this weekend. YAY! It'll be as part of the Openshaw festival

I guess you now know why its been so long. the planning has been hectic but I cant wait to actually get it done 

Ordered so much, I think I went a little overboard haha! But everything is here, ontime and just ready for me to start baking

So, spread the news and come down to Lime Square, Openshaw. Manchester this Saturday and Sunday (26th and 27th September). We'll have cupcakes, brownies and for those on a diet, 'good for you' flapjacks

See you all there 

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