Egg Fried "Rice"

You know when you're craving a particular food so much that you begin to see and smell it everywhere?

Is that just me? No.... Ok, phew!!

Anyway, I really wanted egg fried rice last week and it actually got to the point where I came back home and I could smell it. I even convinced myself that I'd made a batch the previous night only to check the fridge and, NOTHING.

No joke, I almost cried haha

But Ali from 'GIMMESOMEOVEN' came to the rescue with this recipe :)

I've been trying to eat more protein so this quinoa fried rice was perfect for me. If you don't know about quinoa, seriously you're missing out!

The recipe was easy enough to follow and I only made a few changes to my taste; I used red quinoa, red onions and didn't add any peas (not a big fan)

And viola, Egg Fried Rice!!

Btw, I'm craving pizza this week... Let's see what happens with that ;)

Remember to check in next week for the next post. Big surprises as it's Bunmi's birthday weekend. The promise of food and lots of cake!! Can you tell I'm excited? :D


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