Finally decided to do a post!! It's been long overdue. What can I say.. no excuses, won't even blame it on medical school. Just started my 3rd year a month ago, settling in on the wards and been seeing lots of patients this week it's all very exciting but this means that I've failed in my kitchen duties! =/ Anyway =) sooo I was supposed to do my first post on a cake I made for 'All Nations Day' as Blessing briefly mentioned but that sadly didn't happen because someone forgot to take pictures at every stage, got lazy and I could go on but I won't want to bore anyone. So, I will just add a picture of the final product at the end of this post.

Now that I've tried to explain myself (terribly done) lets talk about this cake! It was Blessing's birthday on the 25th of September! awww =') *emotional moment* sigh and sweet and loving me decided to bake her a surprise Cake! (apologies for the excessive use of exclamation marks, we are all a bit excited at the moment, by we I do only mean me.. thought I'd clarify). Well, I hope she was surprised because that was the plan.. and I decided to go for a Coffee and Walnut cake because this girl loooovess her weird and wonderful choice of black coffee, yes black  (Clues in first post! shh I didn't tell you that).
                                                              More Pictures!             

 (Don't know why I decided to cartoonize one of the pictures)

Anyway I don't know what more to say about this except it turned out quite nice! Any Questions I'll happily answer. I decided to go for a Nigella Lawson recipe since we both love what she does. Nice sentiment. 

P.S here is a picture of the cake as promised. I enjoyed baking this =) Thought I'd try this oreo cake when blessing mentioned she was doing some oreo cupcakes. This recipe is by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio. Only the best I''ll try and give. 
I'm out of here got some studying to do! Till later ;)