First Ever Market Stall

The idea of a  market stall started a few months ago when I decided I had to get BB's Pantry out there. I had searched for a while but all the markets I found were either too far away from me, too expensive for me or felt like they were for traders with years of experience

Until I saw a poster for Openshaw Festival, happening a mere 5 minutes from my house and I jumped at the opportunity. I emailed the organiser, who was very helpful with my questions... I had lots of them, this being my first ever market stall and all. Thank God she was patient with me :)

I think the preparation of buying everything I needed was a lot more stressful than the actual baking of things. I'm not a shopping kinda girl, I know SHOCKING! But baking calms me, so yeah
I really wish I took a picture of the cashiers face when I went food shopping and got so much butter, flour, sugar and banana!! The guy truly looked worried for my wellbeing. Ahaha :D

The week of the market stall; I downloaded free bake sale templates and printed out a banner with BB's Pantry on it, I printed out place cards with the names of my baked stuff on them, I got business cards from Banana Print, I got tablecloths, I got markers and cardstock (for my pricing), I got cellophane and ribbon... I'm sure I've missed something out but I never knew I could be this organised in my life! I guess this whole thing helped me somehow ;)

To be honest, I didn't start stressing until 9pm on Friday. I started worrying about everything I'd made, recipes I'd tried over and over. Will anyone like them? Did they look appetizing enough? what if someone gets sick? What if the other traders don't like me or my products? What if...? I honestly thought of every possible bad thing that could happen

But that wasn't the case! People loved everything. I had people coming back for more saying "this... is the best I've ever had"


Oh, how can I almost forget that I met the lord Mayor of Manchester. He was so impressed with my flapjacks and he kept saying it. I couldn't stop smiling 

So yes, guys, it finally happened! I've had my first market stall and I feel like a pro now haha :) Thanks to everyone who dropped by the stall, the other traders who were all so nice and friendly, the organisers, just everyone really. Thank guys
Ps. I have plans to do more markets so keep an eye out, more to come!

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